Turquoise Club

  • TV Commercial
  • MCI - Hamrahe Aval
  • winter 2017

Introduction of MCI customer club by a new and exciting way
Subscribers do not pay additional fees in MCI customer club. They only need to use the permanent or credit SIM card in order to give scores based on their monthly consumption and invitation of other subscribers to join the club, then they will receive the prizes of calling, text and data according to the received scores.
Badkoobeh Advertising Agency got the idea of this advertisement from Pokémon Go game, and thus rode on this wave. Badkoobeh prepared the graphic designs according to this concept as a series. These designs tell the MCI subscribers that you can become as the customer club members and receive prize without any cost, and they also link the excitement of game to the excitement of receiving the points and prizes.
The TV advertisement of "Turquoise Club" is also designed in line with campaign using the available characters in the projects. This advertisement displays the membership in the club, receiving the points and their resulting joy, invitation of friends, and excitement of receiving awards, etc.


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Badkoobeh and MCI - Hamrahe Aval

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