A general view of detergents

What we mean by detergents, are products which clean dirty spots and germs from clothes or other objects and come in various types. The first product used as detergent was, soap. It’s been more than 100 years since the day soap an invented, the equipment’s used to make soap goes back to 2000 years ago. It’s been 700 years since the soap industry started its work. 200 years ago a revelation happened in this industry and now soap is being made in a modern and classic way.

Considering the fact that in today’s world health and hygiene is considered as one of the key factors in development, having various number of different detergent brands is not from expectation. Some experts believe, Iran alongside with India and Turkey, is one of the main poles of detergent and hygienic products.

Based on the data gathered, 200 international and foreign brands from 15 countries have attended the 23rd Detergents and Cosmetics Exhibition in Iran. This information shows the attendance of international brands have had almost 400 percent growth. In other words, in this exhibition, compare to last years, the number of companies has grown from 34 to 145, and the number of counties has grown from 10 to 15.

The number of detergent brands in market shades light on the importance of two factors in marketing and advertisement. Unlike Few years ago that importing of foreign brands was illegal, today these brands are free to enter Iran’s market, making the importance of branding more and more felt. What is obvious is that in Iranian market we haven’t put an effort to make our customers as faithful and loyal as possible, despite what we see, how foreign brands try to make this connect happen.

In the following we have conducted a research on detergents with the focus on Multipurpose Detergents in Iran’s market. In this market we mostly see Iranian brands rather than foreign. Among all the brands Atak and Active are the high consumed ones.

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The Notable point is that multipurpose detergents are used is all social classes of society but on average this type of product has 20% more usage in high class society rather than lower class.

The outcome of the analysis on the target audience behavior divides them into 3 groups:

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First group are considered those whom are brand- oriented and tent to shop in grand shops and stores. They go after well-known brands with high quality. That’s the reason this group are willing to pay good money to get the best product. Due to type of indicators effecting this group’s choice will limit the number of their choice. Also the trusted brands for this group is limited in Iran’s market. Even though this group of audience is loyal to their brands, if there is chance of trusting other brands they are willing to give them a try. It’s worth mentioning that friends and families point of view do effect this groups choice making even though they are considered as main decision makers. Therefore, there exists a space for international and foreign brands interring Iran’s market but what is important is how they inter.   

The second group are those whom have chosen their intended brand and are those always looking for this specific brand in every store and won’t even look at other brands. Even though this group of audience have great balance between cost and quality, due to their low risk, won’t change their bran even when others brands are on sale.

The third group are those not paying any attention towards any brand. What makes this group interested towards a brand is the discounts, offers and other side longs come with them. That’s the reason why they won’t be loyal to any brand.

The fourth group are those whom consider the price of the product when purchasing items. In other words the effective factor for this group is the cost. But unlike the third group won’t change brands due to special sales. This group choose the cheapest brand and keep on using it.

This categories are important since brands can know who their target audience are, helping them dig deeper into the needs of the target audience and provide their product with a better understanding. Although this shall be done by an exact understanding of the brands strength and potentials form different angles.

Generally speaking, the obvious point is the great number of brands in this product category and the high competition between them. That’s why the existing brands in market need the right and goal oriented branding strategy to inter this market, as well as the correct understanding of the market and target audience. They should know by sending the right message to their target audience they can position themselves on the right spot and keep it.