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230 Years of Business Advertising in Farsi Press

April 23rd or 3rd of Ordibehesht is named the Global Book Day by UNESCO, by the suggestion of the first international union of publishers and the Spanish government. The Spaniards had a good reason to suggest this day as the Global Book Day. In the Catalonia region in Spain, every year at April 23rd, booksellers have a tradition to give a rose to every customer with each book they buy. In addition to this, this date is also the passing anniversary of several great and famous authors like Shakespeare and Cervantes.

The magic wand in the world of sales

Discount sales are one of the most successful apparatus of marketing and market making and endorsing it may be the most attractive project for an advertising agency. Discount sales are of such importances that have an international day on their behalf. April 15th is the international discount sales day. Read more about this day in Badkoobeh’s blog.

Kavir Tire and CSR

Kavir Tire Company was established in Birjand 26 years ago. This brand is the biggest industrial unit in the Southern Khorasan province and according to it’s website, more than 15% of Iran’s tire production (regarding weight) and more than 22% of Iran’s tire production (regarding number) are produced in this factory. Kavir Tire’s products consist of radial steel belt tires of various size, bias passenger car, pickup truck, truck and bus tires of various size and also different kinds of flap that all are supplied under the “Kavir Tire” brand.


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