The magic wand in the world of sales

An advertising agency gives multiple solutions and diverse sales apparatus to brands and different businesses because of one reason; more sales. One of the successful sales apparatus that has passed it’s test is the discount sale that has it’s own international day.

You may have noticed that many people have a lot of interest in shopping. Shopping is a form of entertainment for them and sometimes it is considered a form of therapy. In a way that “Shopping Therapy” has been able to make a specific place in the life today. Sales have a history as old as the human social life and this human need and interest is one of the foundations of trade and business world growth in successive years.

For people of the business world, ranging from CEO’s of big and multi-branch companies to a small shop owner in one of the bystreets in a district in the centre of a small town, the vital, important and priority index is improvement in sales. This need and priority introduced different ways of sale. One of the old and popular ways of sale is “Discount Sale”. A method that buyers are very interested in and sellers look at it as an opportunity to empty their stashes, with an outlook on new products.

April 15th is the international “Discount Sales” day. Discount sales or “Sales” as we put it, has an aged history. Actually, the first discount sales in history date back to 500 BC and in the historic land of Babylon. However, we guess that discounted products in those markets were food goods that were on the verge of turning into absolute loss if they were kept on the hands of their sellers. In the late 17th century we witnessed the oldest auction house in Stockholm, one of these centers that for every hit of mallet for a special and important product, a sometimes astronomical price is called.

Today discount sale as a method of marketing and cementing or repeating a brand, is a successful sales example for different brands. A way to attract more customers, getting rid of products that are getting out of date or are getting out of fashion for customers. Discount sales for very popular brands get a rare feedback from customers. Customers of these brands usually mark their favorite but expensive products so that they can buy them in the time of discount sale with a very suitable price.

Usually brands decide to hold different discount sales on different times and noticing events such as beginning of the New Year or change of seasons or special days like Mother’s Day. One of the days that is considered as the most famous discount sales day all around the world is Black Friday in which the customers are faced with such discounts that makes them gather behind shops’ closed doors hours before the start of the sale, and putting their full effort on taking the lead in buying from others. In the past two years, Iran has also tried to not fall back from the global phenomena but with a bit of a difference in method of execution. In the past two years, Bamilo online store tried to popularize this sales method in Iran by holding Black Friday for two days. Although Bamilo faced technical and internet difficulties in this experience, or customers did not face an extraordinary and wondrous sale in terms of discount rates, this was noticeable as a first experience and can be looked upon as the beginning of experiencing successful global methods in Iran.

But sometimes some shops take steps further than discount sales in different time ranges and turn into shops that you can always buy products cheaper than anywhere else. Like Walmart chain stores that is now considered one of the biggest retailer companies in the world and has the biggest chain of stores, supermarkets and hypermarkets over the world.

In Iran we also encounter discount sales. Form retailers to branches of credible global and domestic brands, chain stores and also online stores. In Iran Shahravnd Market, as one of the biggest Iranian chain stores usually presents it’s products with discounts and holds discount sales at different times. All sorts of clothes, leather and home appliances announce their discount sales with tons of advertisement over the city. You may have seen billboards of Mashhad Leather, LG and Samsung Home Appliances, Grad Men’s Wear and other examples. Online stores such as Bamilo, Digikala, Medise and other similar examples also launch discount sales at different times in order to attract more customers.

However, the quality and conditions of these sales may be different from other countries specially when there are popular international brands in the middle, but there is no doubt that discount sale is also warmly welcomed by customers in Iran. For this, this form of sale must be more popularized in Iran, because it booms the market while satisfying the customers.