Pars Hayat

Owned by the Kigili family, Hayat Holding is a group of companies originally ‎started in 1937, consisting of Hayat Kimya, Kastamonu Entegre, and Limas port ‎operations joint stock companies.‎
Ranking as one of the Top 100 industrial companies in Turkey and having affiliates ‎at international level, Hayat Holding employs a total staff of approximately 7,000 ‎people and operates various factories in Turkey and other countries.‎
Hayat Holding offers its brands to consumers in 72 countries in five continents ‎through its management staff and specialized personnel at its head office ‎located in Altunizede, distinct of Istanbul.‎‏ ‏It applies the same principles for its ‎international business operations to choose from export, franchising, partial ‎production or full production options.‎
Manufactured under the umbrella brand Bingo with the principle of maximum ‎quality for consumers, a wide range of over 500 types of powder detergents, ‎laundry softeners, dishwashing detergents and surface cleaners marketed under ‎the brands Bingo, Test and Has meet all kinds of cleaning demands of the ‎consumers.‎
Diapers and women’s sanitary pads are manufactured under the brands Molfix, ‎Molped, Bebem, and Joly by the machines competitive at international level, ‎designed for high speed process with the most modern technologies.‎
Offering innovative solutions to today’s expectations, Hayat Kimya manufactures ‎its brands Papia, Familia, Teno and Focus to meet the demands of all consumer ‎groups ranging from toilet paper to paper towel, paper handkerchief to paper ‎napkin.‎

Pars Hayat Projects

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