Brand activation of Nestle “pure life”

  • Brand activation
  • Nestle
  • autumn 2017

In this project we chose a crowded mall, to cooperate with the audience beside distributing leaflets and explaining about the product.

For this project we produced a film in the roads of the north of Iran with the technology of 360 (VR), in this film, 8 different notifications appear on the screen showing the the importance and benefits of drinking water.

The principal message of this notifications is insisting on drinking water as a vital issue that people should consider especially while doing physical activities.

We invited the families to experience this great experience with us.

In this project people sat on a fixed bicycle and traveled into the roads wearing VR glasses and receive notifications about the benefits of drinking water.

At the same time, other people were able to watch the roads being played on a video wall.


Purposes of this project:

Increasing people’s awareness of the brand

Attracting the brand’s audience especially the families

Encouraging people to drink more water


services provided for this project

Badkoobeh and Nestle

By clicking on the link below you can view all the details about Badkoobeh and Nestle collaboration.

Nestle Advertisements