Bricks for heaven

  • TV commercial
  • MCI - Hamrahe Aval
  • winter 2017

The project of constructing a comprehensive Shabistan and Sahn named Holy Fatimah is developing In Najaf City. Mobile Telecommunication Company of Iran (MCI) invites its subscribers to participate in a project called "Bricks for heaven".
By membership in the project of "Bricks for heaven", the MCI subscribers can participate to build a shabistan called Holy Fatimah near the shrine of Imam Ali (AS). In this project, the MCI subscribers can participate to build this shabistan with a brick by paying only 110 Tomans per day. Therefore, they can send a text message containing the number 110 to telephone number of 8888.
The sense of belonging should be strengthened in MCI subscribers in order to encourage them without experiencing negative feeling about doing something outside of Iran. This reconstruction is done by Iranian architects, so the positive sense of Iranian participation should be considered in the advertisement.
The advertisement of "Bricks for heaven" is produced with spiritual space, but in a modern way and by displaying the faces of people at different ages and from different classes. The advertisement starts with narrations describing Holy Fatimah and refers to her unknown tomb in order to mention the goal of this project as the construction of Shabistan and Sahn near Imam Ali (AS).


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Badkoobeh and MCI - Hamrahe Aval

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