Jadoo ba Cif

  • Digital Campaign
  • Cif
  • autumn 2016

As one of the cleaning products of Unilever, Cif was introduced for the first time in 1967 in France and now is the greatest cleaning products brand in Unilever family, is being produced and distributed in 51 countries around the world. The products are in Iran market as a multi-purpose cream and spray cleaner.



Brand Challenge:

The brand challenge was to increase brand awareness in Iran and improve product’s position in audience’s mind and finally introducing different applications of the product.

  • Some audiences knew nothing about Cif
  • Some audiences knew Cif but did not have information about all Cif products and different applications of them.




An integrated campaign called #Jadoobacif


In its communicating activities, Badkoobeh has taken an approach based on content marketing and to achieve to the good content, we defined our advertising campaign based on three areas of Educating, Entertaining and Empowering the audience. Also, Cif introduced Shaghayegh Dehghan as its ambassador. Approaches are as below:


1.Viral videos with presence of Shaghayegh Dehghan.


The purpose is to show the different applications of Cif products in real life.


  • Paying attention to audience’s  insight
  • Some stories of Shaghayegh’s real life and applications of Cif in her personal life
  • Interactive videos


2.Interactive posts


The purpose is to be in communication with the audiences and increase the view of the videos.


  • Asking questions and inviting audiences to answer the questions with prizes.


DIY Posts


  • The purpose of these posts is to educate some easy housekeeping activities
  • Motivating audiences to use the products
  • Using attractive Social Media trends to increase campaign popularity


Cifact Posts


The purpose is to educate different applications of Cif products in everyday life.


  • Increasing engagement rate in campaign (answering to brand challenge)
  • Improving the awareness towards different applications of Cif products 



  • 36M Reach
  • Almost 150M Impression
  • Before the end of the first season, the view of videos on Instagram was about 90000
  • The average view of each video was 8M
  • Participation rate is 7% in Cif official pages


Download Case Study of Jadoobacif digital campaign

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Badkoobeh and Cif

By clicking on the link below you can view all the details about Badkoobeh and Cif collaboration.

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