Glass wall

  • TV commercial
  • MCI - Hamrahe Aval
  • autumn 2017

Mobile number transportability and moving from one operator to another without changing the number is carried out for years in different countries in the event of lifting exclusiveness. This project has been executed in Iran since 2016, and among the operators, MCI has achieved the first place the mentioned year.


The TV ad “Glass Wall” has been designed and produced in Badkoubeh Advertising Agency with the aim to raise awareness regarding this MCI service, displaying the accompaniment of the service clients with this operator and finally, lifting previous limitations.


services provided for this project

Badkoobeh and MCI - Hamrahe Aval

By clicking on the link below you can view all the details about Badkoobeh and MCI - Hamrahe Aval collaboration.

MCI - Hamrahe Aval Advertisements