Haf-Hashtad Cup

  • Digital Campaign
  • 780
  • summer 2014

Campaign Goal

Introducing Haf-Hashtad (780) in social networks (Instagram and Facebook), attracting new customers and interacting directly with the customers.



Summer 2014, Haf-Hashtad was a new-born brand while very a few people knew about USSD services. Basically, these kinds of services are not attractive for the audiences to be introduced. To start, 780 had a Facebook page for a while with 20K followers but almost none of the followers were active. Another challenge was that the brand had no activities on Instagram. Thus, we had to start the whole campaign from the beginning.



Interactive activities naturally are good solutions to attract audiences in a short time. Planning for a good interactive plan can be developed of different methods. One method is to use calendar events. Football World Cup 2014 in which Iran was of the competitors, was attractive enough to attract audiences.

So the idea of Haf-Hashtad Cup was formed. The Cup was held in 4 rounds as below:

The 1st round, in one week: every day we published a photo of World Cup competitions and asked the users to write a funny comment about the photo. At the end of the week, writer of the most popular comment will be the winner of the 1st round.
Rounds 2 to 4, each for one week: in each round, we asked users to predict about the match results. At the end of each round, one person was introduced as the winner by drawing lots. Considering the different structure and abilities of Instagram and Facebook, we decided to hold Haf-Hashtad Cup in Facebook and use Instagram to promote and advertise this Cup. High engagement rate of Haf-Hashtad Cup was a good opportunity to introduce the brand and its services.



Participation of hundreds of people in Haf-Hashtad Cup.
Attracting 5000 new and active members in Haf-Hashtad Facebook Page.
Creating and activation of Haf-Hashtad’s Instagram account and attracting audience to this account.

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Badkoobeh and 780

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