Jashne Atefeha (Celebrating Charity and Donations) ‎

  • TV Commercial - Print
  • Imam Khomeini Relief Foundation
  • summer 2016

Jashne Atefeha is a project to draw attention towards supporting and ‎securing students educational needs in the country happening every year. ‎This project was conducted to answer and provide a solution for ‎deprivation challenge students of Iran face and inaccessibility some of ‎them have to the basic educational equipment’s. Based on this the ‎slogan: ”Mehr awaits for sympathy” was written and the art work was ‎designed. This project was published in forms of Posters and TVC’s with the ‎idea of spreading the voice of people in need to their countrymen.‎
It’s worth adding that, school year in Iran starts in October/September ‎‎(Mehr), that’s why in slogan we have used the name of this specific month


services provided for this project

Badkoobeh and Imam Khomeini Relief Foundation

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