Value-added services

  • TV commercial
  • MCI - Hamrahe Aval
  • winter 2017

Under the value-added services of MCI, the subscribers can receive the daily news, watch movies and listen to music, participate in games and matches, purchase and receive the same service. However, due to the name of "value added", most of the people are not willing to know about these services which interfere with financial issues in their minds.
Therefore, the campaign of "Value-added services of MCI" aims to acquaint the subscribers with this term and understand its features.
There is the mobile phone (or tablet) as a portal for application of services in all situations of this advertisement such as the movies, fan clubs and sports. Furthermore, the teaser is completed with a youth-friendly music (suitable for audiences of these services) and it also shows all relevant services along with appropriate images.


services provided for this project

Badkoobeh and MCI - Hamrahe Aval

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MCI - Hamrahe Aval Advertisements