Bartar's integrated digital marketing activities

  • web design / content marketing / social networks
  • Bartar
  • autumn 2015

Organized outset

By the end of the research studies at Badkoobeh advertising agency's Brand Clinic and determining the exact audiences and touch points with these audiences Bartar's digital marketing activities started. In the first phase a 6-month period plan was organized as following:

  • Redesigning Bartars’ website
  • Content Marketing via sites, blogs, social networks and newsletter all in a digital campaign called "Bartar lifestyle magazine"
  • Building and maintaining accounts on social networks
  • Designing various campaigns for more promotion
Bartar foods site

On the way

Bartar’s new website was launched at the beginning of summer 94. Major features of the site include:

  • modern appearance in accordance with the principles of Visual Arts
  • responsive design to provide the best display on desktop machines, mobile phones and tablets
  • standard and safe code with high utilities
  • a blog which supports a variety of textual content, pictures and videos
  • a powerful module of more than 50 different products of Bartar

This website needs a rich content to show its characteristics. Moreover, the presence on social media requires appropriate content. In this regard, according to see the brand’s target group strategy (young women between 25 and 35) and its main message (quick and easy cooking quality) the content was decided to be in the form of a magazine called "Bartar Lifestyle" and following actions were taken:

  • Writing blog and social network posts, including translation of a variety of international recipes related to brand’s products, and using a variety of useful, story-driven, educational, and minimal posts about food instead of introducing products directly.
  • Visualization and creation of different graphics content
  • Covering company events such as the presence of Bartar in the Agro Food exhibition
  • Inserting Bartar’s different product data in the site (Bartar has more than 500 of products)

You can see Bartar’s website and social medias images. Click on each photo to see larger:


For a wide range of audiences getting more information about Bartar’s services in digital field, several ways of promotion were taken. An example of this include:

  • optimizing Bartar’s website and blog for search engines: writing Google-friendly contents, optimizing the site according to various factors such as the size of the pages and Persian URL support, systematic insertion of all data used by Google and …
  • introducing Bartar’s account on popular pages in social networks and interacting with the audience


After 6 month of digital integration and ongoing activities in the digital space Bartar website achieved more than 5 thousands of real followers. Bartar’s website was between five best food sites of the the eighth Iran Web and Mobile festival (February 2016).


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Badkoobeh and Bartar

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