Makpasta’s integrated digital marketing activities

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  • winter 2016

Organized outset

March of 2014 has marked as a turning point in the Makpasta’s advertisements. The year coincided with the start of the World Cup and also was the start of the digital marketing activities of Makpasta. Initially, a market planning was set in the digital space and the main steps were determined as follows:

  • Redesigning Makpasta’s website
  • Content Marketing via site, blog, social networks and newsletters
  • Building and maintaining accounts on social networks
  • Designing various campaigns for more promotion
makpasta site

On the way

Makpasta’s new website was launched at the middle of June 2014. Major features of the site include:

  • Modern interface in accordance with the principles of Visual Arts
  • Responsive design to provide the best display on desktop machines, mobile phones and tablets
  • Standard and safe code with high utilities
  • A blog which supports a variety of textual content, pictures and videos

This website needs a rich content to show its characteristics. Moreover, the presence on social media requires appropriate content. In this regard, the following actions were taken:

  • Writing blog and social network posts, including translation of a variety of international pasta recipes, useful content and teaching about pasta and a variety of story-driven, educational, and minimal posts
  • Preparing and sending a periodic newsletter
  • Visualization and creation of different graphics content
  • Preparing several specific recipes, with photography
  • Cover company events such as the presence of Makpasta in the food industry exhibition
  • Providing pdf files for recipes, so that the user can download a recipe

You can see Makpasta’s website and social medias images. Click to see larger:


For a wide range of audiences getting more information about Makpasta’s services in digital field, several ways of promotion were taken. An example of this include:

  • Cooking with Mak television campaign: in this campaign an Italian character called “Chef Alberto” appeared in front of the camera in a beautiful kitchen and each time promised the audiences to teach them how to cook a kind of pasta. People could find that pasta recipe on MakPasta’s blog
  • Optimizing Makpasta’s website and blog for search engines: writing Google-friendly contents, optimizing the site according to various factors such as the size of the pages and Persian URL support, systematic insertion of all data used by Google and …
  • Introducing Makpasta’s account on popular pages in social networks and interacting with the audience
جشنواره سالینو مک پاستا

Salino Campaign

The campaign of “Salino” was offered by Makpasta and held by the Badkoobeh Advertising Agency. In the campaign that was held on the occasion of Nowruz 94, people were asked to text the serial number on the packaging of products to Makpasta, and participate in a lottery in which 10 people had the chance to win a travel to Italy. Badkoobeh Advertising Agency’s activities in this regard include:

  • Purchasing an exclusive SMS account with the panel of managing incoming SMS messages
  • Designing campaign microsite: This microsite had the same technical and visual features and standards of Makpasta’s official website and users could find more information and see their entire scores on this microsite
  • Production and broadcasting Print and television advertisements
  • Reporting News and educating audiences through the site, social networks, and newsletters
  • Draw and announcement of winners
مک پاستا برترین سایت صنایع غذایی در هشتمین جشنواره وب ایران


All integrated and continuous activities in the digital space, achieved following results by March 2016:

  • The most popular food site in the seventh Iran web festival (February 2015)
  • The best food site in the eighth Iran web festival (February 2016)
  • About 400 thousands site and blog visits
  • Attracting and engaging more than 10 thousands of Iranian followers related to the Brand strategy
  • Being at the first page of google search by the Brand’s keywords (in Persian: پاستا، ماکاررونی، دستور پخت پاستا)

To be continued...


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Badkoobeh and makpasta

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