LG Door in Door Refrigerator

  • TV Commercial
  • LG Electronics
  • spring 2015

In the recent year LG has tried to build a unique fridge with the capability to reach all parts of the fridge just with touch of a button this feature will help to save wasting any cold air and this fridge is fitted with a line compressor to save energy.


Although the original advert was produced in Korea, LG's main concern in Iran was to produce an advert to keep its product quality and to comply with Iranian life style and culture.


The advert made shows a modern family in a modern house that uses LG side by side fridge that makes everything reachable with just touch of a button which makes life easy and give you a piece of mind .LG is product that wants to change the quality of living by introducing new and Ideal technology to create an easy living space for the whole family.


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Badkoobeh and LG Electronics

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