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Badkoobeh's New Approach: Creative Communication Solutions

Recently, as you have probably noticed, Badkoobeh has changed its approach from being a full service advertising agency to a creative communication solutions. By offering solutions through the company’s scientific, creative and effective values, badkoobeh has adopted a new approach towards developing and taking the customer goals further ahead. In order to do so, we focus on an effective and innovative incorporation of new platforms of media and rollout methods to create successful campaigns for domestic and international brands. 

International Day of Persons with Disabilities

There are an estimated one billion people living with disabilities worldwide. Our duty as business owners is to increase awareness to promote an understanding of disability and to create real opportunities for people with disabilities. Unfortunately, there are many barriers for people as such to get included in many key areas of the daily life such as transportation, education, and most importantly employment. 

Job fair is an event in which the recruiters and employers exchange information with potential employees and job seekers. In a job fair, there are opportunities for knowing more about the careers one’s willing to pursue, to talk directly to the employers, to land a job and to find advice. Moreover, it gives a chance to students and graduates to explore the job market.

The Importance of Corporate Gifts

Every year, when special occasions are approaching, corporate gifts turn into one of the main concerns of the companies. Although they are normally a tool for a company to market itself, their lasting impressions will create a strong attachment with the customers.


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