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The Marketing and Branding Strategies

The importance of strategic thinking is obvious to all the leaders who intend to take control over their future and their brand.
The strategy is the way to the goal achievement determined by the prospect. So all the efforts are defined and made by the organisation to be focused around that.
Badkoobeh Full Service Advertising Agency claims to have a unique methodology innovated for the development of potential brands. It is presumed that you as the brand owners will move in your brand’s future from the moment you implement this model. Consequently and based on the scientific and creative methods, the opportunities are gained one choice after another to hit the future that you have dreamed for.
The marketing strategies and branding team forms an understanding of what has not yet been shaped. The leaders who own the predictive power are not down with alterations but they survive and even become the genesis of new changes.
Based on this methodology, the brand future is created first. After conducting environmental and inter-organisational research and also the analysis of the data obtained from market research and brand audiences, the goals and strategies of the organisation are defined based on the strengths and weaknesses as well as the threats and opportunities.
The next step is to determine the targeted audiences and to deliver the marketing solutions in four categories of product, pricing, distribution and communication on the basis of obtained data analysis. Subsequently, the organisational identity of the created brand is introduced to the audiences with an accurate plan through the IMC campaign so based on a consistently communal programme.

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