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Brand Positioning in IRAN

The powerful blast off of the brand / Authentic Branding

We are named a great company not only due to our innovative method of authentic branding, or just because of creation and development of the well-known brands nationally, nor only due to our global ranking or approval from the branding world masters. We are great since we plan for a great future. With the brand owners together, we are creating astonishing ideas and making a future.

You need to be aware of your position as well as your competitors’ - direct and indirect – and the market activities. The strategy department of BadKoobeh full service Advertising Agency is the unit you will get help from. What new product or service should we offer? What kind of name, shape and packaging should be included? How should your brands architecture be built? Which and when media should be presented to gain the highest efficiency with the lowest cost? How can we make the best and most influential radio and television commercial TVC? All these questions are answered at Badkoobeh strategy’s department.