9/23/2017 Badkoobeh advertising agency, Back to School

The Importance of Back to School Marketing Campaigns

Back to school season is an important period for merchandising and marketing. As one of the most profitable seasons of the year, it offers many marketing opportunities. From catchy slogans to interesting posts on social media, there are various trends behind the back to school business. The main emphasis, however, is on encouraging the audience to engage with a brand.

In the recent years, internet-only retailors and social media have turned into crucial tools for the families to gain rapid access to promotions and reward programs alongside other advantages such as free shipping. Thus, there are certain tips for wining a back to school campaign. Some of these important tips suggest starting the campaigns in time, having inspiring campaigns to attract the millennial audience (e.g. offering bargains using hashtags) and the recognition of the different needs of children at different ages and educational levels. It is also important to know that a successful campaign is the one that offers a balance between what attracts the children and what is appealing to the parents, since the parents are those who made the final purchasing decisions.

In Iran, back to school promotions have become a trend as well. Digikala, one of the main Iranian online shopping platforms, sets a good example in this matter. By offering big sales and discounts, not only does Digikala engage itself with this global phenomenon, it also does it precisely by identifying its audience according to their needs and educational level. For instance, Digikala distinguishes between the university students and school students and the products the website offers to these groups. While colorful stationaries and bag packs are saved for the latter, household appliances and products alike are added to the university students’ category who can be living alone or in dormitories for the first time.