Nostalgic Marketing

these days, a sentimental longing to experience the things we loved in the past and romanticizing simpler times are increasing. As a result, nostalgia-centric campaigns have become an effective #marketing #strategy. These campaigns use familiar events and positive cultural memories from the past to evoke emotions and feelings of security in the audience. It has become a common practice in the advertising industry and the research shows nostalgic feelings make consumers more likely to spend money on goods and services. However, the use of #nostalgia must represent a perfect combination of past and present to have a modern relevance; otherwise it will seem out of touch and irrelevant.
In the recent years, there are many examples of nostalgia marketing done well. From #Pepsi to #Apple, all have referenced the past in the hopes of engaging the customers. Tesco, the famous British grocery and merchandise retailer, and Internet Explorer have produced nostalgia based adverts for their products (More in Comments).

The first one has used home videos to draw the attention of the customers both through their emotion for family gatherings and the nostalgia for the VHS quality videos. The latter goes reminiscing about 90’s products and style such as floppy discs and Tamagotchi items alongside the absence of social networks. 
However, one of the best nostalgic-centered campaigns would be Adobe’s. In order to promote the new Adobe Photoshop sketch for the Ipad pro, the company paid a tribute to Bob Ross, the favorite TV painting coach of many. In a series of tutorial vides, #Adobe used a Ross lookalike painting on an Ipad. In a delightful video, not only Ross’s efforts through years are appreciated, but the options and advantages of the new software is introduced. 

therefore, in a time when the craze for old school and retro is constantly growing, the association of nostalgic elements within a marketing strategy would be a valuable tactic. Here we share a video of Adobe’s commercial, which would also be memorable to many of us Iranians who watched Bob Ross on the national TV for many years.