Leveled with the world

  • Billboard / Press
  • Parsian Bank
  • summer 2017

Introducing Parsian Brokerage Network, the only provider of direct bank and financial services with Europe

In the past few years, due to the lack of connection to European financial brokerage network, sanctions and limitations on financial transactions, Iranian businessman were in an unequal position in deals, creating a low dignity condition for Iranian businessmen, After the lifting of sanctions, The Parsian Brokerage Network has eliminated this problem by being the only financial brokerage network between Iran and European states.

In order to design the Parsian Bank’s advertisement for this brokerage network, all the limitations and consequences of sanctions on the targets of this deals have been studied and the campaign’s main idea has been formed. The main idea has been formed based on the created equilibrium in the European deals. The slogan “Leveled with the world” points out to the world play in the word “Arz” which means currency and also level in Farsi, and it also points out to Iran leveling with other parts of the world. To reminisce this concept two famous structures are used, the Azadi Tower in Iran and the historic Italian structure.


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Badkoobeh and Parsian Bank

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