Divide The Goodness As You Desire

  • TV Commercial - Print - Billboard
  • Bank Mellat
  • autumn 2016

Regarding to its social mission to help needy people as well as promoting interest-free lending tradition, Mellat Bank provides its special interest-free product for below groups:

Loan Fund for staffs of institutions, companies and organizations
Real and legal beneficent individuals

If these individuals want to lend interest-free loans from their own funds and are not able to manage the payments or to collect installments, or even they do not want the lending to be formal, they can manage this service through Mellat Bank.


Mellat Bank TV Ad of “Divide The Goodness As You Desire” as well as its environmental and printed advertising, is designed and produced by Badkoobeh Advertising Agency in order to introduce the special interest-free lending plans of this bank to its customers to encourage people to use this service.


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Badkoobeh and Bank Mellat

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