International Children’s Day in Badkoobeh

Annually, the celebrating of October 8th in Iran as the #InternationalChildrensDay receives special attention. Children are an important group within the society and a close attention must be paid to their health, education and growth. Therefore, this day provides an opportunity for businesses to run a #CSR program for the children. 

This year, on the occasion of Norouz, we came up with a unique idea for the gifts to the employees and the customers of Badkoobeh. Aimed at paying attention to our inner child, we prepared an adult coloring book with many diverse patterns.With the arrival of International Children’s Day, we decided to throw an internal event to raise money for a children’s charity. In order to do so, we asked the employees to bring us a beautifully colored page of their coloring books to hold an exhibition and sell them among us. Moreover, with the help of the jury team, we put up the top 5 pieces for an auction to raise more money. It was a joyful event, and we managed to collect money more than expected. In Badkoobeh, we have the hope of being able to take further steps in the CSR programs we adopt by holding similar events and for longer terms.