International Day of Persons with Disabilities

There are an estimated one billion people living with disabilities worldwide. Our duty as business owners is to increase awareness to promote an understanding of disability and to create real opportunities for people with disabilities. Unfortunately, there are many barriers for people as such to get included in many key areas of the daily life such as transportation, education, and most importantly employment. 

Firooz Company, one of the biggest producers of child and baby care products in Iran and the Middle East has taken a big step towards reshaping the misperception towards the capabilities of employees with disabilities. The company has turned into one of the biggest Iranian employers of people with disabilities who make up almost 90% of the company’s workforce. Moreover, in order to facilitate the empowerment of its employees, the company has refused to replace machinery with manual work.

Mousavi, the company’s CEO describes the empowerment of such people to access job opportunities as one of the main objectives of the Firooz Company, firmly insisting that physical disabilities must not lead to exclusion and deprivation.