Internet with safely

  • Outdoor / Paper
  • Mobin Net Communication Company
  • spring 2017

Campaign of "Internet with safely " is designed to introduce new products and service of MobinNet and at the same time to improve brand image. New services of MobinNet are provided based on the new Internet generation of TD-LTE which is characterized by its speed and stable quality. The "Internet with relief" concept is designed with a focus on these two advantages and audience's concerns about the quality, speed and installation while choosing the Internet services. This concept refers to the value of solving the common problems in the use of Internet resulting in the post-use confidence and good feeling. In general, this campaign is seeking to use an intimate and appropriate interpretation of technological concepts.
The key concept of "relief" in visual design of this campaign is also repeated by use of visual elements such as the character's facial expressions and comfortable working and living space. The organizational color is applied as a dominant color for more lasting brand image; and a visual element, which is reminiscent of qualitative indices, is utilized to emphasize the advantages of speed and sustainable quality.


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