Education without injury

  • Press conference / Event / PR
  • Moallem Insurance
  • spring 2018

On Sunday, May 6, The “Education without injury” project of Moallem Insurance commenced its activity in a guidance school with the presence of the CEO of Moallem Insurance, Head of Sports and Health of the Iranian Ministry of Education, senior advisor and Football stars Ali Karimi and Mehdi Rahmati. In this project, Moallem Insurance rebuilds and facilitates playgrounds and sports fields with standard grass so that children can play safely. Facilitating boys’ schools with artificial turf and girls’ schools with granular playgrounds, holding workshops, explaining different fields of insurance to parents and teaching insurance concepts through games were the other plans of Moallem Insurance in the “Education without injury” project which was held in 390 schools of Tehran and some other cities. At the Press Conference of this project Mohammad Ebrahim Tahsiri, the CEO of Moallem Insurance mentioned that 390 schools are going to be covered. Moallem insurance decided to come up with an idea to make a situation in which more students will be able to benefit from the “Education without injury” project. Therefore, they felt committed based on their social responsibilities to equip a playground In exchange for the support of 200 people.


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