Films with Advertising Themes

If you are working in the advertising industry, it might be interesting for you to see how this industry is portrayed in films. Of course, all of us are familiar with Mad Men, but here is a short list of some other films and documentaries with an advertising theme:

1. Art & Copy (2009) is an award winning documentary film about the advertising industry in the US. It covers the stories of some of the most successful advertising campaigns and generally has received favorable reviews from the critics.

2. How to Get Ahead in Advertising (1989) is a fantasy-comedy film about the ethical concerns one may find in the advertising industry. However, the word play in the title leads us to an important part of the plot. How to get “a head” refers to the growth of an extra head on the main character’s shoulders with opposite views regarding advertisement.

3. Generation P (2011) is about the rise and the challenges of the advertising industry in Post-Soviet Russia and the challenges. This film is made in Russian, so you can watch it with subtitles.

4. Thank You for Smoking (2005) is a comedy-drama film about the tobacco lobby in the US and the research they do to find the connections between smoking and related diseases. The film is highly rated on IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes and is one of the top 100 average gross per theatre films of all time.

5. The Joneses (2009) is about a group of people with careers in the advertisement industry that with an arrival to a neighborhood, they face new competitions, conflicts and mysteries. The film can also be considered as a social comment on consumerism. It stars Demi Moore and Amber Heard and is directed by Derrick Borte.