The Importance of Corporate Gifts

Every year, when special occasions are approaching, corporate gifts turn into one of the main concerns of the companies. Although they are normally a tool for a company to market itself, their lasting impressions will create a strong attachment with the customers. As a creative agency, we strongly believe in investing time and effort in preparing gifts for each occasion. Wall calendars and imprinted pens, although useful, cannot show the level of appreciation we have for our customers. Luxury can help achieving temporary marketing goals, but they will not necessarily make a company memorable. To us, creativity is the key. As a result, we start planning months in advance. This year, and for Yalda, we decided to come up with something joyful. All families have their own Hafez, and they all have their big bowls of pomegranate seeds. But how can we entertain a family with people of different ages? With a fun easy game. Having this idea in mind, and with the hard work of our creative team, we made our very own version of Bingo (Dabelna). Since then, nothing had made us happier than the wonderful reactions we have received from each of our lovely customers! What are your ideas for a memorable corporate gift?