the history of Olive in Iran

The exact date of Olive coming to Iran is not for certain. But what is for sure is that Olive has been in Iran for many years now and we can find Olive trees in most of Iran regions. History of using Olive goes back to Sassanian Empire and this fact can be seen in Antiquities of one of Iran’s city call Neishapoor.
The antiquity of Olive plant goes beyond 6000 years, and based of the gathered data this plant has been planted for over 900 years in three cities of Iran: Zanjan, Gilan and Ghazvin.
The average usage of Olive oil in Iran is quite low comparing to other counties. After poor African countries with the average usage of 100 grs per year, one Iranian uses an average of 200 grs Olive Oil in a year.
Based on the answers given, almost half of Iranians in big cities have used Olive Oil in last year. This means Olive Oil has not been included in half of Iranian shopping carts.

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Among the householders using Olive Oil, 27 percent have high usage, meaning they use Olive Oil once a day or couple of times in a week. Around 34 percent use it once a week or 2 to 3 times in a month. And the other 34 percent sometime or occasionally use this product.
One of the main factors effecting the Per capita consumption of Olive Oil in Iran is its high price and high production cost. Therefore, it can be assumed the main users of this product are rich householders and middle class families. In the chart below you can see the consumption process of Olive Oil in the last 2years:

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The Per capita consumption of Olive Oil in Iran in the year 1390 was around 200 grs which was reduced to 180grs due to the Per capita consumption cost increase in the following year. This increase in price also caused in reduction of Olive consumption by itself.
The Per capita consumption of Olive Oil in Iran compared to other countries is low. Only three cities of Iran, Tehran, Karaj and Rasht have higher consumption then the average usage.
Based on the latest statistics from Ministry of Health, Iranians spend over one billion dollars yearly for heart disease treatments that if they spend almost 100 thousand dollars of this amount on healthy food and diet such as Olive Oil and Fish, there won’t be any need to spend that amount on treatments. Therefore it seems we need a cultural education on healthy diet.