Influencers: Newcomers in the World of Marketing

Using “influencers” for marketing purposes is among the new tactics in the world of marketing. The popularity of social media and the significance of peer recommendation contribute to the growing presence of influencers in this field. From LinkedIn to Facebook, they are using their platforms as the modern day word of mouth. However, it is probably safe to say that the most effective sort of influencer marketing takes place on Instagram. 

But who is an influencer? An influencer is a user on social media with a large number of followers, not to be mistaken for celebrities. Influencers are self-built and have usually gained their fame through internet and not via other traditional channels, the way celebrities do.  Data shows that influencers have in fact positively influenced generating sales, getting the message through to the customers and promote the name of a brand because of their high viewership.

Although it is not easy to find the right influencer for different brands and campaigns, once the right one is found, they can directly affect a brand’s revenue growth and the connection with the target audience. Normally, there is a symbiotic relationship between an influencer and a specific brand. In other words, there should be an alignment between the type of posts and audience an influencer has and the brand the marketing strategy is based on. Having this alignment, the influencers’ credibility and their human face will translate into a friendly suggestion to the customers and they can be very persuasive by the virtue of their reach.

Badkoobeh has also used Iranian influencers in some if its campaigns. There are a group of ladies in OMO campaign such as ShabnamShahrokhi, Ha.banoo, and MahshidSeydi, all being substantially followed on Instagram by minimum of 30k people. Influencers have also had a presence in some of Badkoobeh’s other works such as CIF (SaraJamshidinejad), Promax (ShiriSomaye & Milad_Khahhh), Beko (ParniAfshar) and Day Insurance (Maandani) campaigns.  The main reason we engage influencers in our acitivities is the belief that an active, authentic ad relevant influencer plays a significant role in achieving the marketing strategies of a campaign. You can check Badkoobeh’s website to get more information about the influencers’ involvement with our agency and to watch campaigns they helped being made.