iPhone X : Take my Money and Run

The reports show that iPhone X has helped Apple set a record in all time stock market and sales. After the poor sales of iPhone 8, Apple’s narration of iPhone X has changed. It is no longer considered as a product with better features, it is introduced as a phenomenal experience. While features such as a better camera, new color and better processor are a part of this experience, the central point is to introduce the future of Apple’s smartphone strategy. As a result, unlike the launch of previous models, Apple is no longer sitting back, letting the fans create all the hype. They actually are encouraging social media influencers to create first impression videos by giving them hands-on access before the official launch, and for the first time they are using glowing comments as a press release. Many think that Apple might be desperate for increasing the sales of the new iPhone, but Apple has claimed they are so confident about the new product they insist on advertising its special features. Moreover, by promising an early delivery with higher price – although delayed – they created a sense of privilege among the buyers. Even skepticism related to face ID and a full screen fed well into their marketing strategy and enlarged the never ending lines of curious fans outside of Apple stores. IPhone X commercials have been so pervasive that even children have a saying in it. In an interview with the reporter of the LA Times, children simply promote the new phone by claiming that “anything new is better than the old version”, a phrase that can be translated as the motto of new generation. When the children were asked about the source of their full information regarding the new phone, they came up with commercials in freeways and the thrilling colors they see on TV. In brief, one can conclude that whether you are an IPhone fan or not, you will be exposed to every detail of each new product.