Omid TEDx Explores the Power of Branding in Today's Market

The 3rd Omid TEDx event, focused on "branding," took place in Mashhad on Friday, 2nd of Azar, 1402 (November 24, 2023).

In his presentation, Babak Badkoobeh discussed ‘branding’ from multiple angles, making a fascinating comparison between the revenue generated from oil in Iran and the revenue generated from brands in other countries.

He also addressed the challenges and concerns of branding in Iran, offering potential solutions to overcome the current situation. He emphasized the need for a shift in educational content to reduce reliance on oil revenue, suggesting that the younger generation entering the job market should approach branding with a fresh perspective.

Other proposed solutions included ensuring economic and social stability to foster brand growth, adding value to production and exports, establishing connections with other countries, and promoting culturalization.