Ave Platinum Dishwashing Liquid

  • TV commercial
  • Ave
  • spring 2017

The idea behind crafting and production of the environmental and TV ad for Ave Platinum dishwashing liquid came from research conducted on target audience. The targets for this project were housewives which have a special emphasize on all aspects of dishwashing.

During the focus group meetings held, stressing the importance of users’ challenge which is insufficient cleansing of the dishes and the washing sink was also designated as the commercial aim of this project. Focusing on shining the dishes and sink simultaneously and showcasing complete satisfaction of housewives as another trait of this product was also another aim of this TV ad.

In environmental designs, the slogan “like the shining moon” was chosen in the event of relying on the concept of shining. In the premiered designs, the sink is seen as the sky and the dishes are seen as the shining moon (and emphasize on cleaning and shining of the product).


services provided for this project

Badkoobeh and Ave

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